Google Glass Explorer developing apps for firefighters

Google Glass Explorers come in all varieties and Glassware of many sorts is in development, all of it aiming to augment our existence in a new and functional way. One of the more altruistic developments-in-progress are the apps being created by developer and firefighter Patrick Jackson, who sees a future in the technology for his fellow firefighters.

The specifics of Jackson's projects weren't detailed, though in the video there are various examples of how Glass can be used by Explorers. The idea is that firefighters could wear Google's wearable when on the job and have the ability to pull up needed information hands-free, giving them the opportunity to focus on the task of hand while getting the details needed at the same time.

One example is the ability to pull up instant extraction schematics for the needed vehicle when responding to an auto accident scheme. This builds upon the idea set forth by Mercedes-Benz early last year, when the auto maker started including QR code stickers for first responders. The idea behind that was the ability to use mobile technology to scan and instantly retrieve the details needed to free trapped drivers. A comparable app for Glass would build upon this, eliminating the need to pull out a smartphone or tablet — instead, one could speak the make and model as a command, or perhaps scan an included QR code with Glass's camera if available.

Said Jackson on Google+: "When I got Google Glass I had no idea that this would happen! Very cool experience with Google and they capture what I am doing and plan to do with Glass for firefighters. Thanks to all those who supported my indiegogo campaign to make this possible and to my wife for being the best wife ever and supporting me!"

SOURCE: Google+