Google gets their own fighter jet

Google has their own fighter jet now? I know it sounds crazy but apparently it's the truth. H211 LLC, a company that Google executives control that operates the company's private jets just got their hands on a Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet. 

The Alpha Jet is a trainer jet that is used all over the world. But before you start envisioning a new Army with a big Google "G" on their uniforms, know that Google plans to use this jet for science experiments.

H211 already uses its jets for NASA related experiments. So, the Alpha Jet would fall right in line and be used for carrying scientific instruments that just can't be used on your standard Boeing 757. So don't worry folks, no geek war is upon us. But it should be interesting to see what sort of information this new Google-acquired jet will come across.

[via TGDaily]