Google gearing up for MP3 store launch according to rumor

There are rumors circulating around the tech world today that Google may be getting ready to launch its own MP3 store reports the NYT. We already have some giant MP3 stores to choose from with iTunes being the top for people that are on the iPhone platform. When it comes to getting music onto your Android smartphone many people use Amazon's music store. There are also a wealth of other music stores on the market to choose from.

Amazon may not be the place of choice for many Android fans for long with the new rumor floating that Google wants to launch its own MP3 store. I think many Android fans especially would flock to a Google offering since Google also makes the OS. Google already has the cloud service, Google Music, where you can upload your tracks to stream to any device.

The new rumor is something different from the Google Music service and would be a direct sales store. This one rumor is not hard to believe though with Google already selling books and movies. Adding music is something that I am surprised hasn't happened already. Perhaps we will hear more from Google on a new music store at the event in Hong Kong for the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via Android Community]