Google+ For iPhone Now The Top Free App In iTunes

The Google+ for iPhone app was released yesterday and it's already hit the top of the list for the most popular free apps in the iTunes App Store. This is fascinating since Google+ is limited to the invite-only beta users currently on the network. That number was announced as 10 million last week during Google's earnings call, but is now estimated to be at 18 million.

Facebook still holds the title for number one free iOS app downloaded of all time, but it does have a more established network with a staggering 750 million users. Google+, on the other hand, is just three weeks old and has yet to open its doors to the general public. Oddly, the Google+ Android app that's estimated to have been downloaded as much as 5 million times was not chart topping in the Android Market.

Despite its popularity, the app still needs a lot of work. Some of the key features that puts Google+ ahead of its competitor are missing from the app. This includes the interface for organizing Circles, which ends up being a large list, and perhaps more notably missing is the Hangouts group video chat feature.

[via PC World]