Google Fit health and activity app launches on iOS

Google has announced the launch of its fitness and health app Google Fit on iOS. Starting today, iPhone owners can download Google Fit and use it to track their daily activities. The app focuses on two goals, Move Minutes and Heart Points, which help users track whether they're getting adequate amounts of activity every week.

The aforementioned Move Minutes are earned in the Google Fit app based on activity levels throughout the day. Heart Points are related and refer to activities that get your heart pumping — namely 'moderately intense' activities that result in an elevated heart rate.

The app also features customized coaching and tips designed to help the user achieve their fitness goals. The app was previously only available on Android and Wear OS; Google shuttered the related website for accessing user accounts earlier this year.

A number of other fitness apps work with Google Fit, including Loseit, "Monitor Your Weight," Calorie Counter by FatSecret, Calm, and more. Google Fit gives users credit for activities that are logged under other supported fitness and health apps.

According to Google, any apps that are connected to Apple Health will sync with Google Fit to provide an overall view of your activities and health — these include meditation app Headspace, Nike Run Club, and Sleep Cycle. As expected, the Google Fit app will also be accessible on the Apple Watch.