Google Fi's VPN service is now available on iPhone

We've been expecting Google Fi's VPN to arrive on iPhone for the past few months and now that time has finally arrived. According to Google, iPhone users now have access to Google Fi's integrated VPN, offering these users the privacy that comes with these services sans the need to sign up for a third-party offering.

Google said back in February that it would expand its Fi VPN service to iPhone users this spring. It took a bit longer than subscribers had hoped, but the big day has finally arrived and Apple device owners on the Google Fi network can now access the privacy tool.

As you'd expect from a VPN, the service enables Google Fi users to stream their data over an encrypted connection, preventing others from snooping on their browsing habits and online activities. The big benefit to this feature is that you don't need to sign up and pay for a plan from a different company.

Google Fi's VPN service is joined by a number of other features, including automatic spam call blocking, the ability to monitor data usage for everyone on the plan, support for data-only SIMs and high-speed data tethering depending on which plan you get.

Subscribers can sign up for the Unlimited Plus or Simply Unlimited plan to get unlimited data with the throttled speeds kicking in after the first 22GB. There's also a Flexible plan that's priced at $17/month with a data price of $10 per gigabyte.