Google finally testing Android TV one-click subscriptions feature

A little more than a year ago, Google revealed plans to bring one-click subscriptions to its Android TV platform. The feature has been missing in the long months since then, something that has finally changed in a small way. The company has confirmed that it is testing one-click subscriptions with "select" partners; it has also published a support document related to the feature.

One-click subscriptions are exactly what they sound like — a feature that enables Android TV users to directly sign up for a subscription service, eliminating the need to pull out a phone or other third-party device. This feature is already available on a number of competing platforms, including Amazon's Fire TV and Prime offerings.

A newly published Google Support document details the new subscription feature, explaining that depending on the app, users can either directly sign up for a free trial or subscription. The plan is linked to the user's Google account. As well, users can sign in to an existing service subscription.

In order to cancel a trial or subscription, you'll still need to go through a computer or smartphone, not Android TV; this can be done through the 'My Subscriptions' section in the Google Play Store app. The feature is being piloted with select platforms, Google confirmed in a statement to Android Police.

It's unclear which apps are part of the Android TV one-click subscription pilot; whether Google had planned to say anything about this at its next I/O conference is unknown, as well. The pilot indicates that the feature will get a wider release in the near future, but additional details aren't forthcoming at this time.