Google Fiber installations begin in Kansas City

Today is a big day for some folks living in Kansas City as Google has kicked off the first of its Google Fiber installations. Google generated a lot of buzz back when it officially unveiled pricing for Google Fiber, and today the big G has announced that its ready to start connecting homes to its fiber network. Google has spent the last few weeks putting up fiber cables around Kansas City, and today it pulled fiber from the street to the first few houses in Hanover Heights.

That's just one part of the process though – those houses may be connected, but now Google has to schedule appointments with the homeowners in order to get their fiber service up and running. If your house was one of the ones connected to Google's fiber lines today, you should have a note on your door from the company. Google says in a post on the Google Fiber blog that those homeowners should expect a phone call or email in the next few days to set up an appointment.

Google is going big with the customer service this time too, promising that technicians will show up at the start of appointment rather than making you wait around. Once they've arrived, they'll show you all of the stuff they're going to install, answer your questions, and start in on getting your house connected to the fiber network. Google also says that it will only take one visit to get everything in your home up and running. Check out Google's video walkthrough of the installation process below.

While Google is installing fiber service in Kansas City, other cities across the nation have been vying to be counted among Google's "fiberhoods." Towns and cities need to show enough interest in Google Fiber before the search giant will decide to install its service, and that has led to pretty heated competition in some cases. Keep an ear to SlashGear, as we'll update you once we have more news about Google Fiber!