Google Fiber approved by Olathe, Kansas City Council

Our lucky brethren in Kansas City have had access to Google Fiber, the much-envied service from Google. Now the Internet giant has announced that Fiber will be extending to a second location in Kansas, this time to Olathe, who's city council just approved the company's plans. The process isn't slated to take place for awhile yet, but was announced by Google shortly after the approval went through.

Dubbing it the Silicon Prairie, Kansas subscribers get access to super fast Internet service via Google Fiber, which sadly won't be making its way to most of us. Still, those in Olathe will get access to the Google service after the company finishes up "a lot of planning and engineering work" that will begin now that the City Council has given the thumbs-up.

Says Google, by expanding into Olathe, it anticipates being able to help the city grow in both employment and businesses. In addition, there are plans to eventually expand Fiber to other cities throughout Kansas as well. Less anyone worry, Google said in the announcement that this expansion will not delay the construction schedule it published for homes in Kansas City.

While it is normal to feel jealous, those of us who live outside Kansas have hope. In January, the FCC's Chairman Julius Genachowski called for gigabit Internet service to be available in every state by 2015. Of course, there's no guarantee that will happen or that you will live in the city/cities that it arrives in, but one can hope. Thus far, there are 14 states with a tad over 40 communities that boast access to fiber-based Internet.

[via Google Fiber]