Google+ either amazing or broken say stats

Web statistics are sort of like beauty in that it's all in the eye of the beholder. One person can look at stats and think a website is doing great and another can look at the same stats and determine that the website is actually not doing well at all. This is exactly what has happened this week with the latest stats that have been published by Experian Hitwise.

The stats show that during the week of September 10 to September 24 Google+ had a massive spike in the number of users on the service. That spike in users drops significantly during the week to September 24 to October 8 though and then balanced out with a bit of an uptick during the week of November 12. Search Engine Land sees this as the third biggest week since the Google+ service launched making the huge spike a good thing.

The LA Times on the other hand looked at the same spike and then quick fall off and concluded that Google+ is fighting fading user interest. According to the Times, the new data shows that Google+ as been fighting waning user interest since launch with a drop in traffic for 11 of the 21 weeks it has been around. What do you think, is Google+ gaining interest or losing it with social networkers?