Google Editions Could Lead eBook Industry With Access to Over 4 Million Titles

There's no doubt that, out of any company on the planet, that when Google gets involved with something, they go big. Even things like Google Buzz, which may not seem all that big now, we can be sure that Google is trying to figure out a way to make it bigger. Now, with Google Editions, it seems that just a simple announcement last week wasn't good enough. Now they want all of the people involved in the eReader/eBook market to start really worrying about the Mountain View's company emergence into the market.

According to Japan Today, Google has apparently snagged over 25,000 authors and publishers in their upcoming endeavor. What makes it better, though, is that the report also says that Google has managed to wrangle all of them for the launch, and not just some kind of staggered release after the digital bookstore launches in just a few short months. So, here's the result: over 4 million titles.

That puts the total number of reported Google Edition titles well above those currently available for the eReader market. Major competitors aren't even close: Apple's iBookstore has somewhere in the ballpark of 60,000 titles, and the Barnes and Noble nook boasts somewhere over 1 million titles, spread throughout books, newspapers, and magazines. It's getting a bit crowded in the market, for sure, but if a strong competitor like Google is ready to go, and with a huge release lined up like this, we can't see this being a bad thing. Though, if the hardware can't support the digital end of it, there won't be much to go on. So, Google, start showing us the goods.

[via Android and Me]