Google Earth 6.2 goes seamless

Google has launched a major update for the cool Google Earth program. The update brings with it higher quality images that look much, much better than they used to. Google Earth now offers users a seamless experience. Rather than a patchwork of images like those that it used to offer, Google Earth now has one giant seamless image for you to peruse.

I would like to know how Google is able to render the images into the seamless shots we see now. I always understood that the reason the images were patchy was because the satellites flew over and snapped the shots at different times of day and in different weather conditions. Better image quality isn't all the update brings.

The update also brings with it the ability to share screenshots on Google+ so you can show friends where you went or where you might be going on vacation. The search engine is better as well. The software now has autocomplete and the ability to get biking, public transport, and walking directions on the map. Older versions of the software will be using the new map images as well.

[via Siliconfilter]