Google Duplex starts rolling out to other Android phones in the US

Android users should probably be used to the fact that they don't get the cool features equally. Never mind market our country restrictions, there are some features that are reserved for this or that OEM phone. Google isn't an exception and there are quite a few services and features it has reserved for its own Pixel phones. If making restaurant reservations by voice is your thing, you might be happy to know that Google Duplex might soon be on your non-Pixel phone, too. Provided you're in the US, that is.

Google made the big announcement in early March that it was taking the shackles of the AI-powered Duplex feature. In addition to rolling it out to more locations in the US, it also promised it would soon land on more Android phones from other manufacturers. In a way, it makes sense that it won't be a Pixel exclusive for long since it's mostly a server-side Google Assistant thing.

It didn't mention which phones will be getting it first, though, and it seems that the Galaxy S10+ is its first destination. That was accidentally discovered by XDA's Max Weinbach after trying to make a reservation at a restaurant that he wasn't sure supported OpenTable. Those won't work with Duplex and will default to the older Reserve with Google system.

Weinbach describes how easy and seamless the experience that only takes a minute or less. Basically, you just have to give Assistant the details it needs, like the number of people and time, and it will make the call for you. That happens in the background and all you'll get is a confirmation afterward.

Google Duplex is definitely one of the more convincing examples of how AI could make lives easier but it has also been one of the most controversial ones of late. That has explained the slow rollout of the service across the US alone and it will take even longer for it to be available elsewhere.