Google Drive gets easier to organize

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 15, 2016, 9:31 am CST
Google Drive gets easier to organize

Having all of the cloud storage in the world isn’t very useful if you can’t find your files. Sure, you know they’re in your Google Drive somewhere, but isn’t it better to know exactly where everything is? Yesterday Google announced a few new features that should help keep things organized.

Google has acknowledged that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the files in Drive. The first thing that they’ve added is a new “move” icon for files that are already in your Drive. You can use this to pop files into whatever folder you’d like. There is also an “Add to My Drive” button, for any files that you want to sync up to the cloud.

Next, if you’re previewing a file, you can easily use the “Add to My Drive” button to pop it into any folder of your choosing. Finally, if you’re searching for something, you can drag and drop any of the results to any of your folders.

One feature that I still want to see is an option to sort files on my Drive by size. When you’re limited by storage space, it’s really helpful to be able to see what’s eating up all of your space.

Source: Google

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