Google Drive for iOS updates with comments and image swiping

It's been a little while since Google Drive's iOS app has been updated, but the search giant sent out an update today that is rather minor from the face of it, but can make a big difference as far as navigating and collaborating are concerned. The app now includes support for comments, as well as the ability to swipe through images.

The new commenting feature makes it easier to collaborate on documents (since that's what Google Docs is good at in the first place). Commenting in documents allows you to give feedback to other users, and the iOS app finally supports that, letting you either create, view, reply, or resolve comments in Google Docs files.

To create a comment, it's rather simple. Just tap, hold, and release near the point where you want to leave a comment, you'll then get the option to comment where you tapped, or select a portion of text to comment on. You then enter in your comment and hit save. The changes will upload immediately, and other users will be able to see comments right after they're published.

As for image swiping, it's pretty self-explanatory. Users will now be able to swipe through a group of photos just like most other apps have been able to do for a while, and you're also shown the number of photos that you have to swipe through, as well which photo you're on in the group.

Before hand, the Google Drive app didn't allow for any kind of image swiping, so if you wanted to show someone a batch of photos, you had to exit each photo and tap on the next one. It was extremely cumbersome and left many heads scratching as to how Google didn't include image swiping in the first place. At last, though, you'll now be able to show your friends and family those vacation pics more quickly than ever before.

SOURCE: iTunes App Store