Google Docs Gets Upgraded and Brings A Lot More Features With It [video]

If you own a computer, then you probably use a word processor in one form or another. Whether you use the stalwart Microsoft Word, or even try to find your way around Apple's Pages, there's an option for you. Even in the freeware area, if you like to download things. But, one of the better options out there is Google's Docs, the free service from Google. Though, since its inception, many people have said that it's missing a few features that prevent hardcore users from actually sticking to it, or using it on a normal day-to-day basis. Looks like all that's about to change, though.

As always, Google has pinned an informative video to their announcement, which we've happily included in the post for all you interested types. Of the new features for the word processing unit of Docs, you can expect: margin ruler, a new system for implementing numbered and bulleted lists, real-time collaboration with up to 50 people, tab-stops, and comments.

As for Spreadsheets, you'll get: editing cells from the formula bar, the ability to drag-and-drop columns, along with auto-fill for good measure. There's a lot more, and if you're a fan of Google Docs, then you definitely need to go check out the alterations that Google has implemented. Plus, don't forget the friendly and informative video.

[via Google]