Google debuts Route 85 video series to attract iOS developers

While Google has the Android platform to dominate with its own apps and services, it still benefits the company to have a presence on iOS devices. In an effort to expand that position, as well as appeal to developers who prefer Apple's platform, Google has just announced the Route 85 web series that aims to promote the use of their SDKs and code libraries compatible with iOS.

The videos will be shown on the Google Developers channel on YouTube, and feature developer advocate Todd Kerpelman. As Kerpelman says in the debut promo, the SDKs from Google that can be used in third-party apps include Maps, analytics, AdSense, and more. A start date wasn't specified for the videos, other than they will begin "soon."

Google plans to use the Route 85 series to keep developers informed about new libraries available for use on iOS, as well feature inside tips from Google engineers on the best way to take advantage of them. With more developers using Google SDKs to power their apps, it in turn helps Google to extend its reach onto iOS via services and advertising.

In addition, Google could be trying to improve the image of Android, so to speak. By giving developers access to services, and iOS users access to official Google apps, there's the potential they could be drawn to the Android platform sometime in the future.

VIA 9 to 5 Mac

SOURCE Google Developers