Google claims China is targeting Gmail again

You might recall that Google and a bunch of other firms announced last year that they had been the target of massive coordinated attacks that were though at the time to be an attempt to steal IP. The attacks were later tracked to China and the Chinese government denied any participation in the attacks. At the time, Google noted that some of the attacks were aimed at Gmail users that were political activists.

Google is now accusing China again of interfering with Gmail service. According to Google, it has performed an investigation and determined that there is no problem on its side of things for Chinese Gmail users. The problem is a government blockade according to Google that is designed to look like issues with the Google Gmail service.

Google is reporting that users are having problems sending email, marking messages as unread, and other issues. A Google spokesman said, "Relating to Google there is no issue on our side. We have checked extensively. This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail." Gmail is thought to be under attack in an effort to crack down on members of the "Jasmine revolution."

[via Guardian]