Google Chrome Web Store gets gaming boost

Today during Google's second day keynote they are talking about Chrome, and the Chrome Web Store. Reminding us about gaming with Chrome, and gaming in the cloud. With Chrome games can stream online with any internet connected device, and Google has improved Chrome in many key areas to help with performance and more.

Not only are the graphics stunning in HTML 5, but Sound effects and audio API's added to Chrome makes gaming better. Games like Angry Birds, Cut the Cope, Bastion, Mini Ninja's, Bejeweled and more are all available in the Chrome Store today for web use and are worth a quick look.

Chrome's Web Store is more than just games, but we're still getting to that as the keynote continues. A couple of key facts with Chrome is their apps are always available, give users an Authentic app experience, and are capable of enhanced data access. Stay tuned as we continue our coverage of the Day 2 Keynote here at Google IO.