Google celebrates the Story of Send

If you're like me, you take e-mail for granted. When I'm sending an e-mail it doesn't matter how far it has to go, I expect it to be there just about as quickly as I hit the send button. If you step back and look at how far an e-mail has to travel when you are sending it, for instance, from the US to the UK the whole system is very impressive.

I can load up an e-mail with a huge amount of photos, video, and text, hit the go button and it can be in the inbox of someone in England within seconds. That is impressive considering the digital data has to cross an ocean. If you've ever wondered what happens to the e-mails you send in the seconds it takes to move from your outbox to the recipient's inbox, Google has an interesting video.

Google is talking about the Story of Send, which goes over how e-mails are processed and sent to your recipients. It's an interesting story and talks about making duplicates of your e-mail to be sure they reach their destination and how the e-mails are protected with both physical and virtual security. Check out the video below for better insight into exactly what goes on behind the scenes when you hit send.