Google Camera Night Sight unofficially available for Pixel phones

JC Torres - Oct 23, 2018, 12:19am CDT
Google Camera Night Sight unofficially available for Pixel phones

Google just loves making magic using algorithms, accomplishing through software what would normally require hardware to pull off. From HDR to bokehs, Google’s Pixel phones have rivaled smartphones with more cameras precisely because of that. With the Pixel 3, Google teased a new Night Sight feature that has yet to officially arrive even on the Pixel 3. Good thing, then, that this is Android and Pixel owners of all generations can unofficially marvel at the feature before it even becomes officially available.

But first, what is Night Sight anyway? It’s Google’s version of the usual night mode but on AI steroids. It uses a mix of its Visual core chip for HDR+, long exposure times, and a few secret sauce algorithms to reveal details that would normally be unseen in the darkness. For the price of holding perfectly still for a few seconds, you can a nice nigh-time shot even without using a flash.

That said, Google has yet to actually make good that tease. Even since the Google Pixel 3 launched, there have been three updates to the Camera app version 6, from 6.0 to two 6.1 releases. None of those have the final working version of Night Sight, leaving owners to wonder when it will finally land.

It turns out, version 6.1.013 already has a usable version of that feature, according to XDA. Usable but not final, judging by the fact that developer cstark27 had to hack the APK and flip the switch. The good news is that, even in this non-final form, it seems to already be working wonders with low-light photography.

Even better news: you can install the APK and enjoy Night Shift as well. No root needed! But only if you own a Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, or their XL counterparts. The final version of Google Camera might have a few tweaks that could end up with better results but, at least for now, Pixel owners won’t be at a loss in the dark.

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