Google Call Screen lets you eavesdrop on the conversation

Last October at its Pixel event, Google announced an exclusive feature that was both useful and, to some extent, mildly entertaining. Call Screen put Google Assistant's intelligence at your service to intercept incoming calls and help determine whether they're even worth your attention. That conversation between the caller and Google Assistant all happens in the background but, apparently, there's a way for you to secretly listen in on what could be an amusing exchange.

Of course, Android's Call Screen feature, currently available only on Pixel phones, wasn't meant for you to hear. The point was to save you time and effort in listening to what the caller has to say in the first place. Since it all happens in the background, however, there is no shortage of users who are curious about that secret conversation.

Call Screen Transcripts did roll out last month as a record of what transpired in that call. Unsurprisingly, it has led to some humorous anecdotes. Some probably wished they actually heard it because some nuances, like tone and volume, are lost in text. Apparently, you can.

Redditor eurostylin accidentally discovered this when he almost dropped his phone in the middle of a Call Screen. Hitting the volume button, he was surprised to hear the caller's voice. Fortunately, the other side coudn't hear him. He tested his theory and verified that pressing either the volume up or volume down button activates this eavesdropping mode.

As others commented, it isn't certain whether this is a feature or a bug. If it's the former, it would be a strange but potentially amusing one. The latter, however, could mean the comedy could be short-lived.