Google Calendar Updated For Smart Suggestions And Country-Based Holidays

Google has made some updates to calendars that will help people around the world to keep up with holidays in their country and choose titles for events, places, and people more easily. The first of the updates is smart suggestions that are now available in 30 new languages.

These smart suggestions will popup when users begin typing an event title, matching suggestion will popup that people can choose to use or keep typing. Users can also tap "at..." to add a location to their event and get directions. Tapping "with..." will add people to the event and the event can be messaged to them if desired.

Users of the app in English can tap the "on..." button to set a date, time, and duration for the event. Newly supported languages include Spanish and 29 others. The other update is the addition of 54 new country-based holiday calendars. The addition brings 143 holiday calendars to the mobile calendar for Android and iOS users.

Users can add or change national holidays by opening the Calendar app, touching menu, settings, holidays, and touching their country in the list. This last feature is rolling out now and will come to all users.

SOURCE: Google and Google