Google Calendar now lets you explain why an event was altered

Google Calendar is used by individuals, teams, and business across industries due to its huge array of features. Despite all it has to offer, there are still elements that can be refined, and events were one of them. Until now, users who changed the details for an event had to send a separate notice about the edit, but now Google is giving users a way to directly explain the changes.

In an announcement today, Google said it has added the ability to leave a note when someone edits a Calendar event. Need to change the time for a meeting? You can now leave a message alongside it so that everyone scheduled to attend immediately see why the change was applied.

These notes can also be added when an event is deleted. Though it's an overall small change, it's a welcomed one that simplifies Calendar management by eliminating the need to send a mass email to participants. Everyone linked to the account gets the note and are guaranteed to be on the same page.

The option to leave a note appears in a pop-up box when an event is edited. Participants receive the alert in the form of an email with the subject, "Updated invitation with note: XYZ." The alert shows who made the event edit, what was changed, as well as the included note.

SOURCE: Google