Google Calendar for Android finds the perfect meeting time

Google Apps for Work and Apps for Education users have a new feature that is launching that will make it easier to find a time when everyone in the office can get together for a meeting. The problem now is that many people have to send emails to everyone or call everyone that needs to be in the meeting and wade through each schedule to find when people are available and can come.

With the new Google Calendar for Android update, it is easy to find a time when everyone can come to a meeting using Google Calendar. The new "Find a time" feature of Calendar will search everyone's calendar that you invite to the meeting and find a time when everyone is free. The feature will work even if the users are in different time zones.

If the app finds that there are no times that work for everyone, it will figure out which of those meetings are most easy to reschedule. The caveat here is that people have to be sharing their calendars with everyone and keeping the calendars up to date. Anyone managing a calendar for someone else can schedule meetings on their behalf.

The users is still in control with the Find a time feature, you can tap to see everyone's schedule at a glance. This Apps for Work update should make it easier for people to find times for meetings on the go. Offices where calendars aren't shared will need to make a few changes to take advantage of the automatic scheduling feature in their office.

SOURCE: Google