Google Calendar app Google Tasks integration coming really soon

Google has a ton of apps and services, perhaps sometimes even too much, and quite a number of those seem to perfectly fit with each other as a whole. It has always been puzzling that it isn't always the case and Google's utilities seem to exist in isolation from and ignorance of one another. It was only recently that Google started connecting its various productivity apps and quite loosely at that. At long last, it seems that it is making another small step forward by bringing Google Tasks to the Google Calendar app for Android.

Google Tasks is actually one of the company's oldest mini-app, existing for as long as Google Calendar has, at least on the Web. Even back then, however, Tasks wasn't that integrated into the web-based calendar, existing only on the sidelines. As part of its design overhaul, Google gave Tasks a more visible presence and even a mobile app and now it is bridging the gap even more on the mobile side.

Dated entries you had in Google Tasks would only show up on the Web version of Google Calendar, even if you created the task on the mobile app. According to XDA, Google seems to be ready to flip the switch and do the same for Calendar on Android.

But wait, there's more! Google Calendar will apparently even let you create Tasks right from within the app itself, alongside Events, Reminders, and Goals. You might not even need to have the dedicated Tasks app installed to do that. You'll only need it when you want to open it in Tasks itself.

It is definitely a feature that's a long time coming and it's encouraging to see Google taking steps in that direction, even if rather very slowly. It already has all the building blocks of a powerful and integrated productivity suite but sometimes just fails to connect the dots.