Google Bulks Up Sign-In Security

If you've ever had your account hacked resulting in a deluge of spam bombarding the inboxes of your friends and family addressed from you, then you'll surely appreciate Google's new efforts to bulk up sign-in security for all their Gmail and Google Accounts users. However, this new two-step verification process may be more of a nuisance than worthy of celebration.

The two-step verification involves having to enter not only your password each time you sign in but also another code that you receive via a text message on your phone. The new system will be rolled out over the next few days, during which you will notice a new link on your Accounts Settings page. Setup can take up to 15 minutes and you can have several backup devices from which to receive your sign in codes.

Sounds like a major pain in the side? Yes, but Google believes this extra step is worth it to ensure your email accounts and other important data in your Google accounts do not get compromised. If it helps any, they do offer the option to "Remember verification for this computer for 30 days" which will save you from having to retrieve security codes off your phone for a month.