Google blames T-Mobile for Nexus One 3G woes

Shane McGlaun - Jan 26, 2010
Google blames T-Mobile for Nexus One 3G woes

Google’s first direct to the customer Android phone, the Nexus One, has had its image tarnished a bit with many users reporting significant 3G woes when using the handset. Both Google and T-Mobile have been investigating the issues.

Google has completed its research into the issue and is laying the blame at the feet of the weak 3G network ran by T-Mobile. A bug was also found in the software of the handset during the investigation and a fix is incoming to address the issue.

The fix is said to be coming as early as next week. The grain of salt with this one is that some users are reporting that a T-Mobile G1 sitting beside the Nexus One can connect while the Nexus can’t. It’s hard to blame a poor network when you have two devices using the same network and only one can’t connect.

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