Google Assistant unofficial desktop client released for the adventurous

Google Assistant may be the most prevalent smart assistant of the big three but it is surprisingly absent in one important class of devices. It has no official presence on the desktop, even via the Chrome web browser, something that even Amazon Alexa may have an advantage over it. There doesn't seem to be any sign from Google that it has any plans to change that situation so a lone developer took it upon himself to create a Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client in the meantime.

Granted, some might find it more efficient to just use a keyboard and mouse to get things done on the desktop but the presence of Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa on Windows and Apple Siri on Macs shows there is some utility for them. In fact, Google does make its Assistant directly available on Chrom OS so its absence on the desktop or even on Chrome for desktops is also a bit of a puzzle. In fact, it's that Chrome OS version that inspired developer Melvin Abraham to create what Google wouldn't.

The interface for this unofficial Google Assistant desktop client seems to be pretty good, or at least Android Police was impressed by it. It looks like a hybrid of Google Assistant on phones and on smart displays but with support for typing commands and customization. There are still some things that are lacking, though, like the on-screen controls for smart home appliances.

The biggest problem with this Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client is the setup process. While the app itself can be downloaded and installed easily, setting it up takes 13 steps to accomplish. The developer does provide a detailed guide but it's not exactly a walk in the park for average users.

The biggest catch is that this app might not last that long. It basically uses the Google Assistant API in ways not intended and Google might eventually step in to block this particular workaround. Until then, Google-loving power users on desktops and laptops can try their luck to enjoy a piece of Assistant that may never come to be.