Google Assistant tipped to land on iOS soon

JC Torres - May 16, 2017, 5:45 am CDT
Google Assistant tipped to land on iOS soon

Tech companies have been freezing hell over so many times it might as well be an arctic wasteland. The latest attempt at lowering down those burning temperatures will allegedly come from Google. According to Android Police’s “trusted source”, Apple’s numero uno rival will be bringing its still young Google Assistant to iOS. How Google plans on competing with Siri, which has a home court advantage, remains to be revealed.

Personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana have distinct advantages over third-party assistants. These three are able to integrate more deeply into their respective platforms, at least more than third-party apps. Especially on iOS, where Apple is notorious for curbing third-party access in favor of its own integrated solutions.

That said, Google did bring Google Now to iOS via Google Search. But as expected, it isn’t the full-featured experience found on Android devices. Now, however, pales in comparison to the intelligent conversationalist that is Assistant. Google will undoubtedly reach some roadblocks along the way.

According to the tip, the announcement of Assistant on iOS could come at Google I/O this week. It will supposedly feature a chat-like style similar to Assistant on Allo, though the exact details are still sketchy at this point. And it will also only be available in the US when it launches.

Of course, Google Assistant is hardly the only rivaling personal assistant to make its way to iOS. Microsoft’s Cortana is also there, also in limited markets, and is, as expected, a mere extension of the full capabilities of Cortana on Windows platforms. What other features Assistant on iOS has in store, we’ll have to wait in just a few hours or days. That is, if it’s really happening.

VIA: Android Police

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