Google Assistant now speaks WeMo's, Honeywell's language

A smart assistant isn't going to be very smart if it keeps to itself, especially when said assistant should be helping you around the house. That's why in order for products like Google Home to be a viable smart home hub, it needs to be able to communicate with as many smart appliances and services as it can. Initially launching with only a few integrations, Google is now announcing its expansion with two more members of its growing roster. Now Google Home and Google Pixel owners can easily control their thermostat or even any appliance thanks to Honeywell an Belkin's WeMo switches.

While Nest may have an advantage among other smart thermostats because of its association with Google, it's hardly the only game in town. Honeywell is actually one of the more established names in that market segment. If you already own one, you don't need to swap it out for a Nest Learning Thermostat just to take advantage of Google Assistant now that the two are buddies.

Belkin's WeMo platform makes an interesting proposition. Instead of putting out smart appliances, it makes any appliance smart through a network controlled switch. Although a bit limited in terms of what it can do, if you need a smart toaster or smart lamp in a flash, the WeMo switches will get the job done.

But wait, there's more! While you can control these devices directly from Google Home and the Pixel phone, Google is encouraging you be more creative with IFTTT. With the web-based automation service, you can use different keywords or phrases to do the exact same thing, or tie multiple actions together with a single trigger, making for a more natural approach to smart home voice control.

Setting up Home Control on the Google Home is easy. Unlike most platforms, you don't need to download apps for that. You just need to enable them and add your connected devices. Currently available only on the Google Home, Google promises to also bring Home Control to the Pixel smartphone soon.

SOURCE: Google, Belkin