Google Assistant now plays games, trivia for kids

A lot of the new toys that Google recently announced are designed for the big kids, but that doesn't mean the tech giant has nothing for the little ones. With the Google Home, in original, Mini, and Max sizes, poised to become a fixture in living rooms, it's only fitting that Google also embrace the little tykes that will inhabit those places as well. Google Assistant, both on that speaker as well as on your smartphone, can now entertain as well as educate kids with over 50 games, activities, and stories designed to be completely safe for a younger audience.

With the new Google Assistant features, Google is trying to put technology in homes and living rooms without putting them in people's faces. That's especially important for younger users that probably shouldn't be spending so much time glued to phones, tablets, or even TVs. Plus, the oral and audio interaction method used by Google Assistant could also help develop their verbal communication skills in equal amounts.

The "family fun" activities include games like musical chairs, freeze time, and beat box, but aren't limited to those. It has also educational activities like trivia, stories, and, amusingly, homework. Here are some of the non-Google games available for kids to use with Google Assistant:

• Animal Trivia

• Bobby Science

• CK-12

• Country Capitals Game

• Ding Dong Coconut

• Everyday Heroes

• Fizz Buzz Game

• Harry Potter Quiz

• Jungle Adventure

• Math Showdown

• Mickey Mouse Adventure

• Middle School Physics Game

• National Geographic Bee

• Planet Quiz

• PlayKids

• Quizizz Student

• Short Bedtime Story

• Short Fables

• SI Kids Trivia

• Space Trivia

• Sporcle Junior

• Story Champ

• Strangest Day Ever


• Talk Like a Chef

• Talk Like an Astronaut

• Tech Trivia

• Tricky Genie

• Trivia Showdown

• Voice Tic Tac Toe

• What Fruit Are You

• What's My Justice League Super Hero

• What's Your Inner Animal

• What's Your Nickname

• What's Your Planet

• World Capitals

• World Foods Trivia

What's notable about this new feature is that it works with Google's Family Link, which was just made public. This feature allows parents to create Google Accounts for kids under 13 years. Pair that with Google Assistant's ability to recognize and differentiate from up to six voices, it means that kids can have fun on their own and tell Assistant want to do themselves, giving them a sense of agency and control. With proper supervision, of course.

SOURCE: Google