Google Assistant just learned how to gently wake you up

Alarm clocks are a necessary evil. No one likes being startled awake by a blaring, buzzing, beeping monstrosity. Starting the morning with a pounding heart isn't on anyone's agenda. Depending on how many mornings in a row you've been hearing that sound, it could be enough to cause an eye twitch or two. Google won't subject its users to this, though; it has taught Assistant to wake you up gently.

How? With your favorite music. Forget setting a bedside alarm clock to a local FM station, Google Assistant can now wake you up with whatever song you request. To use this ability, Google Home owners (or anyone using an Assistant device) merely needs to say, "Hey Google, set an alarm for TIME that plays SONG," of course saying the actual time and music for the alarm.

Not a Google Assistant user? Amazon's Alexa alternative got music alarm support back in December.

In addition, Google Assistant has been updated with new abilities related to media consumption. Users can now tell Assistant to remind them to watch a specific show at a specific time, and likewise ask which channel a specific show airs on, as well as what time it will be aired.

Netflix casting in particular has gotten more personal thanks to close work with the streaming company, Google explains. Netflix subscribers can link their account to Google Home / Assistant and then use Assistant to trigger playback of content on Netflix. This includes support for Netflix profiles.

Rounding out the update is a treat for Google Play Music users. Assuming you're on the streaming platform, Google Assistant can now access your uploaded and purchased music and play it upon request.

SOURCE: Google