Google Assistant could get its typing chops back

When Google revealed its AI-powered Assistant to be a conversationalist, little did everyone suspect it would be almost literal. The only way you could interact with Google Assistant was by talking to it verbally. Gone was the old way to silently chat with it by typing secret messages. Except in Allo, where text does still rule. That, however, might be changing in the near but still unforeseen future, as Google seems to be paving the way for the return of ye ol' input box for the Google app.

Perhaps Google tried to take a page out of Apple's book, because Siri definitely doesn't like talking to keyboards. But speaking aloud, at least loud enough for these assistants to hear, isn't always advisable all the time. Some occasions require you to be more discreet. Other times, your mouth might be too preoccupied. Whatever the reason, it's always good to have a fallback on being able to type out what you want. And good thing Google finally agrees.

It's not known exactly when this change will take place. Google has certainly kept silent about it. Only clues buried within the APK of a beta version of the Google search app hints as much. Given that's still an unreleased thing, Google might still change its mind later on. But at its own risk, since the cat is already out of the bag.

Another change that's coming, but this time already pre-announced, is Google Assistant support on Android Wear. To some extent, it's a no-brainer, since Assistant replaces the aging Google Now anyway. It's actually more surprising in the sense that Android Wear is still being supported after all. Snarkasm aside, again no final word yet on when this switch will be flipped. Android Wear users are probably more eager for Android Wear 2.0 first anyway.

Google definitely seems to be revving up the engines of Google Assistant and rightly so. If there's one thing that CES 2017 shows, it's that Alexa has become the darling of the voice-controlled personal assistant market. Left and right you will hear about this or that device, even cars, integrating with Amazon's assistant. Google Assistant definitely needs to spread its wings faster and farther if it wants to stay relevant in this space.

VIA: Android Police