Google Assistant can now sing you a weird song about vaccines

If you're a Google Assistant user in the United States, you can now have the voice assistant sing you a somewhat cheesy, cringy jingle about the COVID-19 vaccine. The tune is available with the request for a song about vaccines and it is, mercifully, quite short in nature, meaning your friends won't be able to use it to drive you too crazy.

If you own a Google smart speaker, you've probably talked with it enough to learn that it packs a bunch of jingles, riddles, sound effects, and other fun things. The vaccine song is now included among them as first spied by Android Police, and, well, it's hard to imagine anyone would play it just for the fun of it.

"Let's celebrate that we have the vaccine, to help us bring a change to this old routine," the song starts off. The tempo is upbeat, the lyrics are catchy enough, but it's hard to get past the cringe factor. The song hits a few key points, though, such as vaccines being safe and the important role they play in moving past the pandemic.

"Scientists worked night and day, in record time they found a way," the song continues, an emoji punctuating the end of each stanza. "Like superheroes in masks and gloves, helping us get back to what we love."

Regardless of the cringe induced by the song, it was no doubt made with good intentions to help get people feeling a bit better about the pandemic and the situation in which many still find themselves. Meanwhile, Google has added some other Assistant features, including one for mother's day tomorrow. Ask the AI to set a timer on mother's day and Google teases that you'll get some sort of a surprise in return.