Google asks Oracle for $4 million in legal fees

When you sue someone and you lose, it's a pretty big disappointment. All that time and money you invested in going after someone, with the hopes that you'd end up reaping some sort of reward, goes down the drain. But that's just the beginning. You also have to pay the person or company that you sued. And that's a problem if said company is Google.

Thus begins the next chapter in the legal saga between the search giant and Oracle. The massive patent infringement suit that Oracle brought upon Google ended up being dismissed, and now Google wants all the money it spent for the ordeal. "Google prevailed on a substantial part of the litigation. [Oracle] recovered none of the relief it sought in this litigation. Accordingly, Google is the prevailing party and is entitled to recover costs," Google wrote in a legal brief.

The company is asking for no less than $4 million in compensation. Wanna know the craziest part? Of that huge sum of money, $2.9 million in expenses came from copying and organizing documents. Yeah, there were some 97 million documents that Google had to pull during the case. It is the same judge who ruled that Google didn't need to pay Oracle anything on its patent allegations, Judge William Alsup, who will determine how much Oracle now needs to pay Google.

[via Wired]