Google Arts & Culture app updated with Cardboard support

Shane McGlaun - Jul 20, 2016, 7:00am CDT
Google Arts & Culture app updated with Cardboard support

You don’t have to travel to major cities to check out some of the coolest art and cultural pieces in the world, all you have to do is hit up the Google Arts & Culture website to do so. This website is what Google says is the home for hosting the world’s cultural treasures online. The Google Arts & Culture app has also been redesigned along with the website.

Using the app, you can check out all sorts of exhibits ranging from cats in art since 200 BCE to Abstract Expressionism using the color red. There are tools in the app to make it easier for art fans to find the different artwork and artifacts that they want to check out. There are pieces from over a thousand museums from 70 countries to look at.

Users can sort between categories with things like shoes or gold artworks to choose from. You can also look at art through time to see how a painter changed styles throughout their life such as watching how Van Gogh changed from a gloomy style to a vivid style. Browsing of artwork can be done by color as well.

The app also provides a new storey that fans can read every day that highlights works and people. If you have a VR viewer such as a Google Cardboard, you can use the app on Android or iOS devices to take a VR tour of settings like street art scene in Rome. You can also take a VR tour of the ancient Zeus temple in Greece. You can also use the app and your smartphone camera to get more details on a work of art you are viewing in a museum. Just point the camera at the work and details will be provided.

SOURCE: Google

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