Google apologizes for accidentally wiping WiFi, OnHub routers

In a perfect world, software functions as it should with no unintended side effect. But we do not live in a perfect world and it isn't rare that an update would wreck havoc on devices that run them. Rare, however, are times when software wrecks havoc even without a software update or similar. That is apparently the nightmare that greeted Google WiFi and OnHub owners when the routers, for no apparent reason, suddenly refused to connect through no fault of their own. This time, it is totally Google's fault and it admits it.

In the middle of the day, at least in the US, some tech-savvy users suddenly found themselves unable to go online using their Google WiFi or OnHub devices. Given most of them didn't do anything to the devices beforehand, they had mixed fears about the cause of the outage. Some even worried their devices were bricked because they could no longer connect as before.

It turns out the cause of the issue was less malicious but still completely aggravating. In a support page for WiFi/OnHub owners, Google apologizes for having accidentally wiped the settings on these devices. In short, the reason why they could no longer connect is that their devices have completely forgotten the settings and network credentials. As these routers don't have backup storage, users are left with no recourse but to start from scratch.

Google blames the incident on an issue with their Google Accounts engine so it might actually still be caused by some faulty software update. Unfortunately for users, that's pretty much all the explanation or compensation they can get. Google also has no way of restoring settings from its end (which is probably a good thing) so all it can do is give users instructions on how to get back up.

SOURCE: Google