Google Announces Voice Actions for Android

Today, Google made it public that they were going to announce something at a Google Mobile event. Announcements are always fun, and usually lead to something pretty awesome. Especially when it comes to Google. In this case, it's an Android-specific announcement, as they've just unveiled a brand new Voice Action feature for the mobile Operating System.

As the Big G points out, as easy as it is to go through the functions of our devices, courtesy of the touchscreens and easily navigable menus, the most natural way to utilize our devices is to speak to it. And that's why they've adapted their voice features. Voice Actions are a series of spoken commands that, literally, let you control your phone.

It should be noted that for this to work, you need Android 2.2 (or Froyo). So, at this moment in time, that's the HTC EVO 4G, oroginal Motorola Droid, the Droid 2, and the Nexus One. Obviously, other phones will feature Froyo in due time, but for now, you'll need one of those devices to get in on the goodness (officially). Below, you'll find the full list of Voice Actions you can utilize to get what you need done.

send text to [contact] [message]

listen to [artist/song/album]

call [business]

call [contact]

send email to [contact] [message]

go to [website]

note to self [note]

navigate to [location/business name]

directions to [location/business name]

map of [location]

You can also check out the video below, and let Google proper show you exactly what you need to do to make sure that you get the best results from Voice Actions.

[via Google Mobile Blog]