Google Announces Mapathon 2013 In India, Offers Prize Incentives

Google is trying to ramp up Maps in India by holding its first mapping competition in the country – Mapathon 2013. The mission? For users to add destinations and more to Maps via Google Map Maker. Those who participate could end up being awarded with one of a few different items, including an Android tablet, smartphone, gift voucher, or Google merchandise.

The Mapathon 2013 contest starts on February 12, and will end on March 25. Those who fall within the top 1000 mappers within the country will be eligible for the prizes. Registration is open now, and all users who want to take part must register. Once registered, users can head over to the Map Maker to start mapping locations they're familiar with.

Map Maker is simple and straight forward to use, with a drop-down menu that allows one to choose between places, roads/rivers/railways, natural figures/political boundaries, and a tool for drawing outlines of structures. In addition, users can also edit existing places, structures, boundaries, and other markings made by other users who didn't get it quite right.

Additions will then be verified, and as long as no changes need made, will be approved and made live for all to see. It's only fitting that the tool is used in Google's first-ever India mapping contest, since Map Maker itself was first thought up in India. Since then, the tool has been rolled out globally for anyone to help improve Maps.

[via Google India Blogspot]