Google: Android Devs must respond to customers

If you've ever reached out to a Developer of an app and been ignored, you'll like this update to the Play Store. Now, those Devs who have paid users reaching out to them must respond within three days of receipt of the email. Google is also making it easier for Developers to reach out across the pond and sell their wares in Europe.

A long-standing headache for Developers, in the EU was VAT. They were left to clumsily navigate the sometimes complex system across Europe, which can change depending on some very small microclimates. Now, Google is taking that out of the hands of Developers, and will be figuring out the VAT for them.

As for the email response thing, it's a bit murkier, but also a nice fix. If you've paid for an app, or made an in-app purchase (read: given this Developer money in any way), they're now officially obliged to entertain your email inquiries. In no less that three days' time, a Developer must respond to your email.

Not only do they have to respond in three days, they have to find an adequate fix for anything Google deems urgent within 24 hours.

This is not to say a Developer must entertain your whims, or carry on a prolonged conversation with you. If you find a bug and report it, the Developer can simply respond three days later with "Thanks. Fixed.", or "Thanks. Will fix in next update."

If you pay for access to something, and don't get it — that's probably something Google would consider urgent.

Via: Android Police