Google Android Burger lunch gave employees an emoji-inspired meal

Google accidentally ignited an Internet debate perhaps only rivaled by the great is-it-white dress debacle of 2015. The Internet giant, you see, released a cheeseburger emoji in which the cheese deviated from norm. That is, Apple and Microsoft both put the cheese above the burger patty, as is customary in many places. But someone — or many someones — at Google decided to thumb their nose at traditional and put the cheese below the patty.

Google promised to address the issue, and now it has. The company, a recent tweet revealed, decided to stand firm in its cheese-below-patty stance by serving Google employees a lunch featuring 'Android Burgers,' which are, you guessed it, cheeseburgers that mirror the emoji burger.

The cheese was below the bun and, we're assuming, no one boycotted the meal in protest. Brad Fitzpatrick shared an image of the burgers in the tweet above, and indeed the cheese is below the beef, though thankfully it features actual cheddar rather than American cheese slices. A menu, also pictured in the tweet above, lists it as the 'Android Burger.'

The controversy was loud, at times inspiring debates, and ultimately earning a tongue-in-cheek tweet from Google's Sundar Pichai:

All things considered, it's an attractive burger, its squished nature aside. It does, however, serve to highlight one big problem with the cheese-on-bottom arrangement: it spills over, as melted cheese tends to do, and comes dangerously close to the plate. Unlike a bun, cheese tends to stick. Who wants to scrap melted cheese off their plate, only to try and navigate their fingers around it while eating, all the while trying to avoid making a mess of things? Were the cheese above the patty, its drooping, melted nature wouldn't be a problem.