Google's Chrome Passes 10% of Market

Google's Chrome web browser has earned itself a double-digit share and a third place ranking in the market place with 10.7%. This is a big jump from the 5.2% share Chrome had at the beginning of 2010, according to market research by Net Applications. This marks a big achievement for Chrome since it was launched only in 2008 and does not have a dedicated platform to run on.

Market leader Internet Explorer from Microsoft still enjoys a comfortable lead at 56%, but saw its numbers drop slightly from 58.41%, while second place Firefox remained at 22%. Coming up right behind Chrome is Apple's Safari taking in 6.3%, crossing the 6% barrier for the first time.

2011 is looking to be a big year for Chrome as Google is preparing to launch the ChomeOS on notebooks running the new OS from Samsung, Acer, and others by mid-2011. I'm sure Google is hoping the rising popularity of its browser will translate into similar results for ChromeOS in the competitive OS market.

[Via CNN]