Good Girls is the latest NBC hit to get a surprise cancellation

NBC has canceled another hit TV show before viewers could get a proper conclusion: Good Girls. The series, which revolves around a trio of women who dig progressively deeper into the criminal world following an illegal act of desperation, will end with its fourth season. The planned fifth season, sadly, will not be coming from Netflix.Good Girls is an NBC show that is broadcast by the network and also available to stream on Netflix. The series stars Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman as friends/sisters who rob a grocery store, leading them down a path to ever-increasing criminality as they (literally) make money for noble — and then not-so-noble — reasons.

The show has proven popular among viewers but appears to ultimately be the victim of a major shift in how people watch TV: on their own schedule through streaming services. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series wasn't a hit when it came to linear television broadcasting, where it failed to rake in the kind of numbers among key demographics that the network hoped for. Though the show proved far more popular streaming services, that comes with its own issue.

Netflix had previously scored the streaming VOD and global rights to the show, meaning Good Girls can't make a streaming-only transition to NBC's relatively new platform Peacock. Though a fifth and final season in the series was planned, it won't ultimately make a transition to become a Netflix Original.

This may be due, in part, to the production costs Netflix would have faced if it decided to proceed with an original fifth season, according to the report. This isn't the first show we've seen NBC cancel in recent weeks. The network recently canceled Manifest without giving it a proper conclusion, though rumor has it that Netflix is crunching the numbers to see whether it may be interested in picking up the show for an additional season.