GoldVish $1.3M Cell Phones

GoldVish, an uber-luxury communication company out of Geneva Switzerland manufactured what may be the most expensive cell phone in the world; costing $1M. That's enough o feed a relatively small country for a few weeks. The one of kind GoldVish phone is plastered with 120 carats of VVS-1 grade diamonds, while the casing is made of white gold. The "Piece Unique", as it's called is the brainchild of Swiss watch designer Emmanuel Gueit.

If you're looking to buy this beauty, you'll need a Swiss bank account with over $1M. And GoldVish doesn't take Visa or Matercards.

The company also offers another line called the Illusion line. It's not as exotic as the Piece Unique but still cost as much as a home in an upper class neighborhood. The Illusion line comes in platinum, yellow and white gold. There's at least 140 grams of solid gold and features perfect diamonds.

I wonder if these two phones feature Bluetooth, WiFi, and a crappy camera?

GoldVish Luxury Cell Phone launch at Millionaire Fair Cannes [via Gizmag]