GOG Stay At Home collection has free PC games to while the time away

Staying indoors has forced some people, sometimes almost comically, to think of ways to keep themselves from going crazy. There's always Netflix and Disney+, of course, but some of those experiences get old easily after watching them once. There are more interactive forms of entertainment, the ones we call "games", and Good Old Games is dusting off its shelf of free games and presenting them as a more engaging way to keep sane and, at the same time, mentally active to some extent.

To be clear, most if not all of these games have always been available for free on GOG.com. The PC game distributor, owned by Polish game development studio CD Projekt of The Witcher fame, is just gathering them in one convenient place. That place also comes with an easy to remember URL that also serves as an admonition: stay at home.

Don't expect any of the 27 titles to be recent or huge triple-A games, at least not for our time. There are classics like point and click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky but also some more recent titles like The Witcher-based card game GWENT.

What all these games have in common, being distributed by GOG, is that they all come free of DRM. That means you can freely and without guilt distribute these copies around, but GOG will probably appreciate it if you point your friends to the site instead. Who knows, they might find something interesting there beyond these 27.

In fact, GOG is unsurprisingly also taking the opportunity to point out that it is holding its annual (North Hemisphere) Spring Sale. Those won't be free, of course, but gamers do have a wider selection of games to choose from. But while quarantines and lockdowns may last well into next month, GOG's sale won't as it ends on March 30.