GOG lets users import certain Steam games for free

Steam may be the dominant marketplace platform for PC games, but its rivals are starting to get serious about luring away users. One such competitor is GOG (previously known as "Good Old Games"), operated by developer CD Projekt Red, which has just launched a new feature that aims to integrate users' Steam library with their GOG library. Dubbed Connect, it offers to make select games purchased on Steam also available on GOG, all for free.

The process is as simple as it can get: users just link their Steam account to GOG Connect, and then they can get import certain games that are available on both platforms. The game isn't removed from the Steam library, and once a game is imported users can keep the GOG version forever.

Now for the downside: the number of games available for transfer is pretty small, with the list currently including just over 20 titles. However, more than a few of these are popular, big-name games, including The Witness, Braid, the original Witcher, FTL, Shadowrun Returns, and Saints Row 2.

The other important thing to note is that there is a time limit to transfer the games, which varies according to title. GOG explains that this is due to the various agreements with developers and partners. In other words, if this offer sounds attractive to you, it's better to link your accounts and import the games you like sooner rather than later.

GOG adds that while the list of games available for transfer will change over time, they hope to add new titles on a regular basis. If you tend to use both services, GOG Connect sound like a great way to bring both libraries in line with each other.