GoDaddy interfered with domain name exodus accuses Namecheap

Last week GoDaddy reportedly saw 70,000 domain names moved away from its services as a registrar. The mass exodus was the internet response to GoDaddy throwing its support behind the SOPA act that is seeking to become law right now. The swift removal of tens of thousands of domains names registered at GoDaddy was a good thing for competitors like Namecheap and others.

Many of those domain registrations that GoDaddy lost went to competitors like Namecheap. The transfer didn't go smoothly, and Namecheap has accused GoDaddy of withholding some of the needed details to make a smooth transfer to the new registrar. Namecheap said that GoDaddy was returning incomplete Whois information thereby delaying the transfer process.

GoDaddy claims that the limiting of Whois information is a standard practice to prevent Whois abuse. GoDaddy also says that had Namecheap contacted it the limit on the Whois data would have been lifted. Since the mass exodus of domains kicked off, GoDaddy has retracted its support for the SOPA act. Namecheap later noted that its queries had been unblocked.

[via CNET]