Goat Simulator coming to iOS, Android, and Xbox

Goat Simulator was originally released as a kind of joke; a really good joke, too. Since capturing the simple mindset of those of us who found favor in pretending to be a goat, the game has spread like wildfire for the desktop. Now it seems iOS, Android, and Xbox are getting in on the fun, too.

Goat Simulator launched as a confusing, buggy experiment where you get to be a goat. In venturing out as a goat, you get to do goat stuff. If you're curious what "goat stuff" is, just play the game and do stuff. That's goat stuff. The video below should help, too.

Shedding it's desktop fur, Goat will now come to your mobile devices and living room gaming console. In a tweet, Coffee Stains Studio announced the spread, but didn't offer up a timeframe for release. They also didn't mention pricing, though the current Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are $9.99.

For those of you who always wanted to be a mischievous, nearly indestructible goat — and do so on a mobile device — your time has come. We won't say Goat Simulator is the G.O.A.T., but it sure is a lot of fun.

Source: Coffee Stain Studios