GM's OnStar expands work with RapidDeploy Next Generation 911 technology

GM Ventures has announced that it is participating in a $40 million Series B round of funding for a company called RapidDeploy. RapidDeploy is a cloud-based emergency response platform that is working to develop Next Generation 911. The money the company raised will be spent to help improve the situational awareness of public safety services.

OnStar and RapidDeploy launched a program earlier this year aiming to supply every 911 call center in California with OnStar Automatic Crash Response notifications. Those notifications are generated using integrated sensors in GM vehicles that have an active OnStar service plan.

The also notifications detect and notify emergency services of moderate to severe crashes and can send notifications directly to the 911 call center using RapidDeploy RadiusPlus maps. The warnings can be sent to 911 call centers without relying on any verbal information from occupants in the vehicle.

Information received in warnings includes the location of the accident, the make and model of the vehicle, and any details available on the accident. The technology can indicate the probability of severe injury and if the vehicle involved in the accident is electric. Electric vehicles pose additional hazards to passengers and emergency responders.

OnStar Automatic Crash Response systems can also connect to special Emergency-Certified advisors that can offer additional help to the subscriber involved in the accident. Those advisors are certified for Emergency Medical Dispatch and can provide medical assistance until help arrives.

GM says its investment will accelerate the work RapidDeploy and OnStar began to 911 Centers across jurisdictions within the US. GM believes the technology will help save lives and believes that 911 centers shouldn't have to pay for data required to save lives.